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Why invest in Niassa Climate and Hydrology
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The climate of Niassa is characterized by two well defined seasons during the year: one rainy and one dry. The rainy season lasts from October to March and the dry season from April to September. The months of April and October, however, can be viewed as a transition months and can change characteristics from dry (April) and rainy (October) from one year to another. During the dry season (winter) which runs from April to September, average temperatures in the province range from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius while in the rainy season (summer) which runs from October to March, temperatures may rise above 25 degrees Celsius, however rarely exceeding 30 degrees. Niassa has good availability of water in lowland areas in the southwestern parts of the province with a stable climate that is highly beneficial for agriculture (above national average).
Niassa has good availability of water for different uses and high rainfall which is beneficial for agriculture, forestry and ecotourism. Niassa has three basins: the Rovuma Basin (rivers Lugenda, Lucheringo, Luchimua, Luambala, Luculumezi e Lualessi), the Zambezi Basin (rivers , Luangua, Luaisse, Machele, Luchemange, Meliluca, Mandimba, Ngame, Lussangasse e os Lagos Niassa, Amaramba, Chiúta, Chirua e Michemazi) and the Lurio basin (rivers Muandá, Luleio, Ruruamuana e Massequesse), which provide good supply of water and uptake of water by the soils in the valleys. Warm temperatures and rainy weather combined with good geological and structural conditions of the soil, allow the formation of ground water at shallow depths. However one of the problems that hinders the uptake of water in some areas is the fact that, with the exception of major rivers such as the Rovuma and Lugenda, the hydrographic network of the province is predominantly intermittent and some rivers dry up during the dry season.

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